A Person Lived In A Tent In A Shopping Mall For 6 Months, No One Had A Clue

What do you do when you go to the mall?
If someone asks you this question, your answer would likely be that you go to the mall for shopping. However, in China, a person turned the mall into his home. He lived inside the mall for six months. But then he was arrested and evicted from his home in the mall. The most surprising thing is that this Chinese person had been living here for the past 6 months, but no one knew about it.

According to reports, this Chinese individual cleverly set up a tent under the stairs. Along with the tent, he also equipped it with a table, chair, and computer. The person had been using the outlets of the shopping center for the past 6 months and charging his electronic devices.

A few months ago, mall security caught the person living in the tent, although later he was given permission to stay there. When the security guard asked him the reason for staying there, he explained that he was looking for a quiet place to study, so he came here to stay. After saying this, he was allowed to stay there.

Security guard’s attention on the person The person felt that his worries and troubles had reduced. However, one day, on October 30th, the mall security guard saw him. Without delay, the Chinese person was arrested. Some pictures and videos related to this incident are going viral on social media, in which the person and his tent can be clearly seen.

Similar incidents have been seen before It should be noted that this is not the first incident of its kind. Previously, in 2007, a person lived comfortably inside the Road Island Shopping Mall for 4 years. This person’s name was Michael Townsend, who was an artist. When it was discovered that he was living inside the mall, he was immediately arrested.

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